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How To Regrow Green Onions

Green onions are the best.  I love how they add a similar flavor to traditional onions without the sweat and tears.   They’re just so darn convenient.  I don’t even whip out the cutting board, just a pair of scissors.  I can snip the desired amount into scrambled eggs, bread dough, salads, or homemade pizza… 

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Going Green Bridal Bouquet

Going Green- A Foliage Bridal Bouquet

    The “go green” trend has influenced more than just the environmentally friendly.  And while I’m all about recycling and all that jazz, I love what it has meant for floral work.  Today I attended a floral design teacher workshop where we got tons of lab ideas for our students. We made these all… 

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Garden Journal

There have been a few times when I’ve tried to hunt down the napkin, or envelope, or random scrap of paper that I’ve used to pen down something important.  I know most people would advise becoming a citizen of the 21st century and recording important information into my smartphone or tablet and thus eliminating the search for… 

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Time to Plan{t}

It’s spring in Utah which means beautiful sunshine and blue skies  one day and snow showers the next.  Don’t let the weather fool you, early April is the perfect time to begin yard prep.  Whether its applying pre-emergent to your lawn, mulching and preparing planting beds, or getting an early start on establishing new trees… 

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