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Share the Harvest: Easy Ways to Share your Garden Produce


Having a fresh, off the vine veggies just out the back door is a dream come true.  But it can be overwhelming.  Even a small garden plot can produce faster than we can gobble it all down.  Instead of tossing rotting tomatoes, or throwing out shriveling peppers, find a way to share!

It’s been wonderful to have a garden this year!  We had such high hopes for our garden of 2014, all of which came to a halt when our baby came three weeks early, literally the day after I brought my veggie starts home. They baked and dried up out there on my back patio while I was in labor and delivery.  By the time we started to settle in a little as a new family the garden had been long forgotten, and it was too late to start tomatoes anyway.

2015 has been a completely different story.  Over the past few weeks I’ve sampled raspberries from by newly planted bushes, plucked Anaheim peppers, and drooled over my very first vine ripened tomato of the season.  But most of all there has been the zucchini.  At first it was amazing, I’d check my plants every day and pick the squash at its perfection.  We grilled, diced, marinaded, baked, sauteed, and cooked in every delicious way imaginable.  And then came the end of July.  Suddenly our 5  plants started doubling production.  Last week we had a few very exciting, garden neglecting days while my husband was interviewing for an amazing new job.  After all the excitement was over, and the new job finalized {wahoo!} I finally wandered out to the garden where I was accosted by nearly a dozen club-sized zucchini. That’s both an overwhelming quantity and size.  Thankfully I knew how to handle the situation.


At the park across from the street we’ve got a “Share the Harvest Cart” where anyone can drop of extra produce and you’re welcome to take as you please.  It was here that we deposited all of our very large zucchini.  I wasn’t quite sure if anyone wanted them since they were so big.  I definitely prefer mine smaller than a rolling pin, but I was hoping there would be some avid zucchini bread makers out there who would enjoy.  We weren’t disappointed, when taking the baby for  a pre-bedtime stroll later that same evening we walked past the cart and to our delight all the zucchini were gone. WP_20150728_011 (1)

5 Easy Ways to Share your Garden Produce

  1. Social Media.  Post a picture of a basket of extra veggies of facebook, twitter or instagram.  Comments and requests for your delicious tomatoes or juicy peaches will continue to come long after they’ve been claimed and eaten. #firstcomefirstserve
  2. Homemade veggie stand.  These can be as adorable as the cart in our park or as simple as a table with a “free veggies” sign.  Extra produce put out on your front yard can be easily found and appreciated.  Who knows, you might inspire your neighbors and create a mini free farmers market on your street.
  3. Community share stations. If you are wondering if your community sponsors a share the harvest program like mine check with your local parks and recreation department.  If they don’t have one, consider spearheading the implementation of a community produce sharing program.

Have any other ideas for how to share your bountiful harvest? Comment below!

Sweet Pea Baby Nursery Printable

My first round of ripe garden peas appeared in early June.  I plopped my baby girl in between the raspberry bushes and the cantaloupe vines to play in the mulch while I harvested a heaping bowl full of sweet, delicious peas.  Her interest piqued as my husband and I sat, opening the pods and munching.  Soon she demanded on sampling some for herself.  She packed her cheeks full, then started chewing on the pod.  It made me a proud momma to see so much green going eagerly in to her tummy.  I watched her a few weeks later crawl through the forest of zucchini, and plop herself in front of the row of peas, carefully selecting the big pods and going to town.   Granted, she about uprooted the whole plant as she pulled the pods off the plant but I just thought it was too adorable to even care.

My second round of planting has just proven fruitful, and we went outside today to sample a few.

alta sweet pea

I’ve been trying to do some more botanical themed art for her nursery so I came up with this printable….

you are my sweet pea nursery printable

download here in 8 x 10 or 4 x 6


Schultz Residence Design

Here’s my latest project.  It was a redesign of an existing residential property.  We kept one or two trees, and the rock retaining walls.  Adding a new patio, a covered side entrance, and a pergola to the back make it a perfect space for outdoor entertaining. schults design medium green bar

schultz design 2 light green bar

schultz design 3 dark green bar

schultz design 1