How to Transfer Images to Fabric or Wood with CitraSolv

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I’ve been researching different ways to transfer images to surfaces like fabric and wood.  There’s a bunch of different methods using freezer paper, wax paper, or even printing straight on the fabric.  In my research however, I didn’t come across any method as easy and permanent as this one using an all natural cleaning product called CitraSolv.

So here it goes, to transfer an image to fabric or wood using this method you’ll need:

  • a piece of fabric or wood (the tighter the weave on the fabric the better)
  • paintbrush
  • 4-5 pins if you’re attaching your image to fabric, tape if you’re transferring to wood
  • spoon
  • CitraSolv- since it’s an all natural cleaner you should be able to find it at any Whole Foods market.  I picked mine up for $5.99
  • image for transfer
    • it has to be a toner based image, ink jet won’t work
    • your picture needs to be a mirror image (backwards) there’s a 23 second video on how to flip an image in Word here

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Here’s a close up of my mirrored image.

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Pin the image ink down on your fabric and secure with pins.

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Next, soak the end of the brush in CitraSolv.  To keep this process as clean as possible and ensure that I’m not wasting any of my CitraSolv, I poked a small hole in the seal on my bottle instead of tearing it completely off.

Image Transfer using CitraSolv Image Transfer using CitraSolv

Next, saturate the image with CitraSolv until you can see every part that you’d like to transfer.



After you’ve soaked the image completely you’re going to burnish the entire image using the back and sides of the spoon.  Make sure that you are thorough.  If you lift the image up and find that you skipped a few parts it’s really difficult to lay it down exactly where it was.  Burnishing a second time after replacing the picture can result in a fuzzy transfer.

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Lift the image up and marvel at your successful ink transfer!

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Once you’re done run an iron over the transfer.  The heat locks in the ink, making it safe for the washing machine, you can even use bleach and it won’t come out!

Printable Kitchen Canister Labels + packing tape image transfer

allmyfriendsareflowers canister labels

January, a new beginning.  I always feel that the beginning of the year is a new gardening milestone for me.  Something about the start of a new year makes me feel like it’s time to start planning out beds evaluating new varieties of veggies to try in my garden.  I have to remind myself to hit the breaks a bit, after all, the last frost in Utah county is still months away.

In order to slow down my garden hungry spirit, I try to turn my attention to the indoors.  I figure if I can get the interior of my home organized and running smooth during these winter months, that once spring starts to hit I can grab my trowel, head out my back door, and never look back.  Except for some laundry and light vacuuming I guess, but that’s good enough for me!

We moved into our new house in March of last year.  Since the yard was a weed patch, there was no fence, and exactly six shrubs and nine perennials on the property we pretty much threw the moving boxes inside and began an outdoor overhaul.  Admittedly, the inside didn’t need to much work, at least in the finished and remodeled upstairs {which, when you’re moving into a home built in 1942 could have been a remodel nightmare}.  The baby came a month and a half later and my husband and I spent the next several months building fences and pergolas and filling in areas with pea gravel and delicious dark brown mulch.

Winter came and we began to turn our attention to the interior.  We’ve undertaken the task of basement finishing.  There’s been duct work replaced and plumbing re-routed, it’s an adventure to say the least.  Today I decided to try something a little less labor intensive, yet still satisfying.

The printable labels today are available individually for download.  I realize that not everyone has a quinoa canister so by leaving them as individuals you can print just for your needs. All the individual labels are grouped  in a file that can be downloaded by clicking here

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How to Keep Paperwhites from Falling Over- Stunting Paperwhite Growth

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Air Cleaning Houseplants

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