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Uintah National Forest & Four Great Residential Evergreen Trees for Your Landscape

  There is something about a rainy Saturday.  Something that makes it easier to not be upset about the long to do list remaining undone.  Something that calls for a large pot of creamy potato soup and freshly baked rolls.  Something that demands a balance between snuggling a four month old baby girl while listening… 

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Four Fantastic Ferns

Fantastic Ferns

One of my favorite ways to add visual interest into a landscape is through texture, and one of my favorite ways to add texture to shade gardens is through the use of ferns.  I adore them because they give off a delicate, frilly vibe.  The above photo was taken in a cemetery in Salzburg, Austria…. 

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How To Regrow Green Onions

Green onions are the best.  I love how they add a similar flavor to traditional onions without the sweat and tears.   They’re just so darn convenient.  I don’t even whip out the cutting board, just a pair of scissors.  I can snip the desired amount into scrambled eggs, bread dough, salads, or homemade pizza… 

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Going Green Bridal Bouquet

Going Green- A Foliage Bridal Bouquet

    The “go green” trend has influenced more than just the environmentally friendly.  And while I’m all about recycling and all that jazz, I love what it has meant for floral work.  Today I attended a floral design teacher workshop where we got tons of lab ideas for our students. We made these all… 

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